Pastoralia is the first solo piano album by Kelly James Wyse. 

Available now via Bandcamp and other streaming platforms

First video, "ssSwan" premier on Headphone Commute

Recorded and mastered in Berlin by Martyn Heyne at Lichte Studio.

Art + Video by Sean Waple.

Alongside improvisations for prepared piano, many pieces on the album are inspired by repetition in music and the interval of the fifth. 

An ode to the mysterious ways of nature intelligence.

Prior releases from Kelly include a collaboration with Loscil, contributions to Rafael Anton Irasarri, Orcas, Paurl Walshas a member of Pollens, X-Ray Press and the Seattle Pianist Collective. He has performed at many high profile music festivals (Substrata, Decibel, Sasquatch, Capitol Hill Block Party, Q3Ambient Festival) with the above affiliations or as a solo artist.

He has scored for video, film and media as well as for dance and his electronic music has been heard on The New Yorker (Radio), The Layover with Anthony Bourdain. 

Kelly holds a degree in Classical Music Performance from Cornish College of the Arts.

He currently lives in Berlin and organises the Modellbahn Music concert series and instructs piano around the globe via the www.


"He charms the audience with a collection of pieces loaded with grace and beauty... recurring motifs around which dynamics undulate and harmonies evolve with slow-building intensity. Pieces such as ssSwan unravel from the piano unhurriedly and elegantly.." - Irish Culture Berlin:

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